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The Immortality

being a part of human world
he remains naked and helpless
against his bodily nature
and with the lintiest part of the body
he experiences the tragic duality
of his existence
not in aspect of good and evil
but in human and animal one
he suffers because of fact that a soul
the ideal and perfect creation
must go away along with the body
so he continually fights for his life
during the lunatic chase
after the immortality


yesterday moment turned into a scar on brick wall
nobody described the faces twisted with rage
only a poet passing by shed same tears
a little beggar-girl has found her soul
and from now on nothing will satisfy her

The Brain

there it lays
the poor fatigued snatch of brain
and from its nook and cranny
there appear the thoughts
and embodied they wander around the world
without future, with no destiny
unwanted because of being too bold and touchy
and causing pain of soul
then the world once again revises its attitude
towards the misery and pain
and no one confirms their existence